Our Projects

Our team comprise of professional community members from all walks of life. Volunteers with various key expertise in different fields of environment for Environmental Science scholarly projects and field research. We aim to connect, inspire and empower young changemakers to join forces for a thriving, just and sustainable way of life for all. Young Environmentalists aims at providing training, support and skills to empower the next generation of leaders through environmental workshops and climate action.

We are a forum for learning, healing, and for positive social impact. These educational workshops aim to provide wider access to the ideas and community resources we have been blessed to experience. We work with various communities, corporates, the Government, Municipality and underprivileged. Hold interactive nature workshops, outdoor EVS trails, celebrations of Environment dates and EVS project workshops which are interconnected to curriculum, where a space is filled with good energy and inspiration, participants leave with a spark of transformational social change and a greater sense of being a part of a larger community of citizen scientists.